God Does BIG Things with Small Deeds

I have enjoyed some rich time with the Lord this week and have been blessed by His word!  This morning, I was reading in the book of Zechariah, and stumbled upon this powerful verse:

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.” (Zechariah. 4:10 NLT)

Now, don’t read over that verse too quickly. Go back and read it a few more times and let it sink in!

I believe many people never start anything because they are waiting for big beginnings!   They want to start with a big splash and fail to realize that sometimes, more often than not, great big things often begin with small beginnings!

Here are two words that just keep coming to mind – JUST BEGIN!  What seems small to you might be huge to someone else.  What seems small to you might be the very seed that God wants to use to bless you, others, and the world in which we live. Do you remember what Jesus said about the Mustard seed? (Read Matthew 13 & 17)

Several years ago, I read of the following story in some material by Max Lucado.  During World War II, Bohn Fawkes piloted a B–17. On one mission he sustained flak from Nazi antiaircraft guns. Even though his gas tanks were hit, the plane did not explode, and Fawkes was able to land the plane.

On the morning following the raid, Fawkes asked his crew chief for the German shell. He wanted to keep a souvenir of his incredible good fortune. The crew chief explained that not just one but eleven shells had been found in the gas tanks, none of which had exploded.

Technicians opened the missiles and found them void of explosive charge. They were clean and harmless and with one exception, empty. The exception contained a carefully rolled piece of paper. On it a message had been scrawled in the Czech language. Translated, the note read: “This is all we can do for you now.”

A courageous assembly-line worker was disarming bombs and scribbled the note. He couldn’t end the war, but he could save one plane. He couldn’t do everything, but he could do something. So he did it.

Listen in beloved, God does BIG things with small deeds!

I firmly believe that small deeds can change the world!    Some of you reading this need to make the call, craft the e-mail, write the check, forgive the neighbor, buy the gift, make the visit, start the small group, sit down with the kid, or whatever other small deed you since the Holy Spirit leading you to do. The Word of the Lord is telling us that God often does big things with small deeds! What small deed do you need to do and trust by faith that God is going to transform that into something big for His Kingdom?

All Moses had was a staff.
  David had nothing more than a sling.
 Samson had a pathetic jawbone.
  Rahab had a string.
  Mary had some ointment.
  Aaron had a rod.
  Dorcas had a needle.
  And yet, ALL were used by God in BIG ways!  What do you have?

God empowers the tiny deed. Don’t discount the smallness of your deeds. Memorize  and claim the Zechariah 4:10! Start with the small and by faith believe that God might just do something big! After all, He is a very BIG God!

I can’t wait to Worship our BIG God with you on Sunday!

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