7 Keys for Pastoral Leadership in the 21st Century…

On Monday of this week, we had a mini conference at http://www.newhopenc.org/.  Dr. Jo Anne Lyon led us in a discussion focusing on 7 key themes that will help us minister more effectively in the 21st Century!

  1. Leadership living authentic Christian lives.  We can not lead where we have not gone.
  2. Being filled with the Holy Spirit.  We need to ask and pray that the Holy Spirit will sweep though us and through our churches resulting in community and culture.
  3. Ethnic Diversity – never forget the church is called to represent God’s full and created order!
  4. Urban Evangelism – with the mass move back to the inner cities, the church should be intentional and strategic to meeting them there with the Gospel.
  5. Church health – there are so many churches that are unhealthy that need nursed and led back to health for the sake of the Gospel.
  6. Church planting (In our generation, we need 100,000 new church plants)
  7. Prayer - We can’t do any of the above without bathing it all in prayer. 

Father, send forth revival in your Church that we might define You rightly to the world so that the world might find You.  Give us empowered leadership.  Give us broken humility to lean whole-heartedly on you before we expect to ever lead others.  Fill us with an overflowing of the Holy Spirit.  Grant us grace and power to live audacious lives of bold and daring faith.  Lord, we give you everything…all that we have…all that we are…for your sake and glory and honor of Jesus.  This we pray in His name. Amen. 

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